I'm thinking of taking it to a guitar tech and getting it modded so that it can be biased. Has anyone done this or know how much it costs? Also, after I mod it I was going to try and get it biased like an ENGL Invader, I love their sound. Any information is appreciated.
I did the bias mod myself, but i was comfortable and confident playing around with my internals. However, i figured id replay mainly because you said that you want to bias it like an Engl Invader. Heres the problem, you cant bais a 5150 to make it sound like an Engl, it will sound like a 5150 that has been baised, which improves the sound quality and warms the post gain. The Engl is a different beast and if you want your 5150 to sound like an Engl, it probably wont happen (you would have to basically put Engl guts into the 5150 head), you'd be better off getting the Engl Invader.

Basically what I'm saying is the bias mod is not gonna help you with what you want.
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Exactly what he said. If you do decide to stick with the 5150 and want the bias mod, quotes I've seen online run from $50 at Voodoo Amps to $140 (with external pot) at FJA Mods. I've heard good things about both places.
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ah that helped a lot, I may still get a bias mod so it won't run so cold and sound a bit better