So now it looks like
my worries are finally over.
I just sit and watch
this world smolder
and smile at the fact
i didn't warn her.
my dreams of game over.
All the happiness you accrued
can now no longer be used.
The immense joy ripped
from your eyes..now fill's mine
I sit and watch your world smolder
you said souless...you know nothing of it.
you clamied to be missed
i've seen nothing of it.
Things in the air like winter
removing your splinter,
while i watch you burn to cinder's.
Plenty of fish in the sea,not for me
i care nothing of it...
a disease in every stream.
sit back and stretch my shoulders
watch this world burn and smolder
for every one of your smile's
was me dragged another mile.
I smile,my dreams of game over.
Thank god i did't warn her.
my pain is finally over.
now smoldered.
walked over.
game over...