A short while ago i went ahead with buying a Martin D1 (they were out of 0015s and i fell in love xD) and im just wondering if anyone has anyreccomendation on how to care for it, since its my first quality Acoustic. Atm i have it in a hard case with a planet waves(or something like that) humidifier.

How often should it stay in the case, be humidified and how often should i re-wet the humidifier?
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Congrats on your Martin purchase!
I too hope to one day have my own martin. Anyways about you questions, I would leave it in the case whenever your not playing it. That is what i do with my guitars.
As for the humidifier, it should say on the package it came in how often to re-wet it. I think my is about every month, but not sure.

Also the martin site has a manual about how to care for your awesome new guitar.
Here is the link.....