I've pretty much taught myself to use the pinky whenever fretting anything 4 or more frets away from my first finger (if that makes any sense). This was a really good strategy (imo) up until the 10thish fret on my main guitar. (Jag-Stang). But after that I find myself not using my pinky as much as I normally would because it's not hard to stretch my ring finger and do it that way. I've been making sure I learn everything using that same fingering strategy but I'm having one hell of a time keeping it in pace with sweeping. My ring finger just keeps trying to take more then it normally would. Just wondering what anyone else thinks about this, it's not really effecting my playing now but I don't want to be stuck relearning a bunch of stuff because I failed to keep my technique.
Yeah, tenfold is correct, in certain situations you will want to use the ring. For example, a 3 string sweep may work when played with the finger per fret rule. However, if you play the 6 string variant you might need the pinky elsewhere so you'd sometimes stretch the ring and I'd extend this fingering across to the 3 string version also.
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1-15-19-15------------------15 19 15-------14 17 14-------------------14 17 14
3- --------------16------16-----------------------------------14------14

It follows that patter down to the 10th fret as a base for the sweep. It's not really a problem for the lower frets but these ones are being nasty.
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