been having a lot of problems with sustain since i started playing, when in any tuning, but especially dropped D or C i get nearly no sustain out of low notes up on the neck, just kinda buzzes out,but the higher the note more sustain, any suggestions on how i can somehow fix it, or why it happens , im running of a schecter damien 4 bass, any help/ advice is much appreciated
Use higher gauge strings? They won't be as 'floppy' so notes should ring out more. Bridge replacement is another option.

Sadly, when you get into drop-tuning a bass, then scale length becomes a major factor and there is nothing you can do about it. The lower the tension on your strings, the less sustain you'll get. If you plan on playing a lot of drop-tune stuff (particularly if you drop down to "C") you really need to look at an extended scale bass. A 35" scale would be the minimum I would recommend.
The simplest solutions would be a better bridge/thicker strings.
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The simplest solutions would be a better bridge/thicker strings.


also you could look into something like this. Or a compressor sustainer...which, actually, I believe is the same thing with a different name.


maybe not that particular one. I have no experience with any of these except for a rack unit i have, which would get quite pricey.

It basically makes quiet notes louder and loud notes quieter to level everything out. So as your note fades it should boost it a bit to keep it the same.
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The other thing that you might want to look at is technique. String gauge and the down tuning will definitely be issues, but if you're not properly fretting the notes that can also cause buzz-outs. Make sure your finger is directly behind the fret with the edge of the fingertip right against the fretwire. Apply enough pressure that you get a clear note, but not so much that it begins to hurt or you can't play properly.
in addition to higher gauge strings try raising the action.

this'll stop it from "buzzing" out. it'll make it harder to play, but you also get better tone by raising the action.
umm, I think I have the same problem as you, but what exactly is "sustain"?
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what exactly is "sustain"?

Sustain is how long a note is held out.
Like you pluck a string, and count how long it takes till it is silent again.
Raise your action, how much sustain do you need?

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