I've been GASing for a new guitar for awhile and I've decided on an Explorer-style machine.

I found out about the Hamer Standard on MF but went perusing the official Hamer website for more options.

Apparently the guitar comes in a beautiful Quilt top with a transparent red finish also, which I would much rather have than the drab standard:

However, I can't seem to find it available anywhere. There are two for sale on eBay, one new and one used, but no online music retailer seems to stock them.

The Hamer website says there's a Hamer dealer not too far from me, so I could order through them.

So, three questions:

1. What do you think of Hamer guitars?

2. Has Hamer gone out of business? I can't find any guitars other than the regular Standard anywhere.

3. Do you think the local shop could order the Quilt Top one for me?
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Hamer has moved almost exclusively to their custom line, which are very nice but very expensive guitars. I believe they still make a few lower-priced models, though.
I think there is SOMETHING going on with Hamer. They don't seem to have many if any stocking dealers for the US stuff anymore. I don't know about the imports.
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I have an old Hamer Slammer PAC-3 and it is a nice guitar. It can compete with most Squires of equal price, and even some MIM Fenders. Only issue is a slight crackling sound when I switch pickups but the guitar is 12 years old now so some ware is to be expected. The sound is good for three no name single coils. As for Hamer as a company they are pretty much custom shop only except for a few lower end models. Most of the standard models are Semi-Hollow or Hollow bodied though. I have no idea as to the quality of modern standard ones but mine seems to have held up great. Another plus is the fact the finish seems unharmable. Mine has been hit against walls and dropped down stairs since I am terrible clumsy and it holds fine. I have yet to even scratch the shiny red paint.
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