does anyone know a good place or way to find medieval lessons to be used in metal? A good example of what im talking about is the ending of "violence from within" by darkane. maybe the beginning to warborn by black dahlia murder. always felt that style was awesome but cant get a grasp on teaching myself. got the tab to "medieval song" by frederic mesnier and its too advanced. really that violence from within ending is closest to what i wanna learn. if anyone knows how to help...
idea 1: learn theory, then study pre-baroque works.

idea 2: learn traditional, traditional, waaaay traditional guitar.

idea 1 is much cheaper and can be done (if done completely right) without spending any money.

point being, whoever wrote that kind of stuff has a lot of knowledge of music, both theory and history. gotta know both to do that kind of thing, or at least reliably so.

best of luck, comrade.
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