How does someone judge if a person is "good" guitar are not? I was watching some friends play guitar at school and one know a bunch of cool jazz stuff and one knew how to sweep. although the jazz wasnt as fast as the sweeping guy he sounded alot better but yet everyone said he wasnt as good. so does being fast at guitar consider you a good player?
No. Just makes you faster. A common misconception. It will take more skill to make something slow sound good than it will to make something fast sound good in most cases. And what is even considered "good" is often subjective. The better you get at guitar, the more you realize that what's considered good takes years and years of practice.
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Not in my opinion, it depends on if you are open to different styles of music. For the people who enjoyed the jazz player, the other guy's band may have sounded like a shovel being dragged across concrete (no offense to anybody, just saying). It's like some people prefer Kurt Cobain to Yngwie Malmesteen. I personally don't, but Kurt had more feeling in his playing than Yngwie does. So a lot of people dug him more, but for the guitar junkies, Yngwie is the man.
Good and bad are words for judgement, personal judgment.
Skillful or plain are the only things that can be actual facts.

Punk might be good but plain.
Classical music can be "bad" but it is usually skillful.

PD. I do like classical.
Good is just an opinion, not fact. It varies from person to person.
But here is a fact: if you are really good at playing music that someone else likes, they will think you're good.

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There are an awful lot of great musicians who have made great music with terrible technique...

Before you can even try to answer such questions as "good" and "bad" you have to have criteria. When most people ask these sorts of things, what they are really saying is "I like this guy", or "I don't like that guy".
All these questions about who's "best" are kind of silly. How do you compare say, Jimi Hendrix to Joe Pass? Chet Atkins to Andres Segovia?
Entirely different disciplines and techniques.

You can talk about technique; playing cleanly and in-tune, with a good sense of rhythm and time, a good feel for that elusive quality of "musicality"....
But it still comes down to preference.
Here's what I said on this subject in another thread:

Here's some things I would look for if I were hiring a guitarist, in no particular order:

- strong rhythm, groove and feeling
- ability in a wide range of styles
- ability to read charts
- a strong chording and chord substitution system
- an understanding of how gear and technique affects tone/sound
- melodic inventiveness
- improvisational ability
- an unwillingness to play things that sound bad
- a sense of musical vision - what kind of music do you want to make?
- technique that never gets in the way
- professional equipment
- a sense of fun and excitement about playing

I'm sure there's plenty more, but that's what came to mind

If you've got all of that to a reasonable degree, you're good.
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