Hi everyone,
I´m thinking of buying a new amp because i got tired of my peavey rage 158 (15 watts). i´ve been doing a lot of research but i can´t make up my mind. I want an amp between 40-70 watts.
I play diferent styles of music, from metal (like metallica, iron maiden) to eric johnson or srv. so i am looking for a versatile amp.
this amps i´d seen: Kustom quad 65dfx
Marshall avt 50xt
Marshall mg 50 dfx
Fender Frontman 65
Laney Lv200
Laney Hcm 60 R
Laney Lv100
Are those good amps??? if you come up with something better please feel free to comment .
What's your budget?
Where do you live?
Why do you need 40-70 watts?
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Peavey 6505
THD Flexi 50

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Well.......what is our budget first off.... and i you have a real real descent amount to spend then get a good marshall amp(go out to a store and play through them--thats the best way to find your sound that suites you) if your looking for metal and aren't looking to spend a load then i would actually go with a peavy....
Oops, i forgot abou t the budget xD. well i´d say from $300-to $550 dollars.
I´ve seen the peavey Valveking but they are expensive aren´t they?
The thing is that i´ve bought an american fender strat and i don´t get a really good sound from my peavey (15 watts)
A Peavy Valveking? I woudn't think they are any mor expensive then a marshall....I Would think from what i've seen so far that marshall's are a bit more expensive then peavy...