I've decided on a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with a Floyd Rose for my next guitar, since I miss having a trem on my guitar. However, I've never owned a guitar with locking tuners; all my other guitars have been with a fixed bridge, and from what I hear, it takes awhile to retune guitars with locking systems. So, I wanna know as much as I can before it arrives. How long does it take to change tunings? How exactly does it work, in terms of retuning it? What're the pros and cons?

Until I get another guitar, I'm keeping this one in Drop Db, but I'd like to be able to go between that and Eb standard tuning; in other words, I'd be tuning the low E string up a full step. Would that take awhile to retune, since it's just the one string?
My old guitarist kept the nut off of the first 2 strings, so he was able to change from drop C to D standard. However with excessive whammy-bar usage those strings went out of tune.

So yeah, you can just kept the metal plate off of the E & A strings but don't expect those strings to stay in tune for a long time.

Pros: strings stay in tune, look cool

Cons: changing strings takes forever, changing tuning takes forever.
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There are hundreds of threads on this. Use the searchbar and Floyd Rose Thread sticky (top of the page) to learn what you want to know.

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Floating floyds plus variable tuning is just a disaster - you change one string, the other 5 change the opposite direction. The solution is a drop-only floyd where it rests on the guitar body or a trem stopper. That way, you retune one string the other others don't move at all. Then retuning is a process of unclamp, tune, reclamp. Not much worse than a fixed bridge guitar.

Or, if that's too slow, you can get one of those EVH D-tuna things and install it.
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