Sitting here wasting my time
Trying to find a reason to my rhyme
I'm just here floating along
Stumbling my way through another song
Aint got no car, but I got a boat
And I think the lord that it still floats
When the time comes I'm gonna float alone
And find a new place to call my home

Something hits me just like a reflex
And you know I cant close my eyes
Ragin, roaring just like a T REX
and you know I cant close my eyes
Long ago when the stakes were high
And so was I

I keep the peace but only reasonable
Cause there is only one artist like me
And because of all the love that I've shown
I now play guitar all alone
Its too damn bad we cant all just get along
I liked it better when you sang this song
Broken Bottles I aint one to clean a mess
Ill let this solo scream as I digress
I tried to make a signature listing all my gear, but I couldn't for 2 reasons.

1. I couldn't remember all my gear
2. My signature was too long for UG to process.