so i bought a BL L500XL and a Duncan Invader. im pretty sure these are both bridge pups, i know the XL is at least, but is it possible/safe to wire in 2 lead pickups i want the invader at the neck but to still have kind of a lead sound to it. i know itll mellow out at the neck but i dont want the neck version of the pup i just want to throw the bridge version in. but the XL is deffinitly going in the bridge slot

does anyone know what i mean ill try and explain it better if noone understands.
it will work fine just do it
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As long as the screw holes line up and it fits in the pickguard, it's fine.
You may want another switch or two in order to do coil taps, in phase, out of phase, parallel, etc.

All of my guitars have at least 2 or 3 switches in them for a bunch of different sounds.
It seems lately im the onlyone not getting Bl L500XL's At least I still have the GFS power rail to fall back on. Anyways im sure it will work just fine.
awesome. that coil tap thing sounds great ive seen that but never knew how it worked ill probably try that. im gonna have to make a few holes but thats ok im striping the paint anyway.

i bought a new warrior body and im itching to mess with it i hope all this comes out great
Just a heads-up, the Invader is going to be SUPER loud in the neck position. It will take some tweaking the height to make it sound good but that setup should be about a aggressive as a pair of passive pickups can be. Good luck!
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thanks for that extra advice i probably would have done a "WTF is wrong with this". i dont want to rout a battery piece into my warrior body so i decided on passive and i think i made the better choice this time.
Yeah, the impedence of the Invader is significantly higher than the L500XL, so they would balance much more naturally if you were to switch their positions. That said, there are no rules and you should do whatever you want-- Just be ready to find an innovative solution when you go off the beaten path!
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I suggest not screwing with the UGer with the best name on the site.

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I don't see how prostitution is going to help out your string buzz...
how would i fix something like that though. im new to pups so this is deffinitly going to be an experience.

do it just have to do with the hight of the screws or do i have to do something else with it. im probably gonna have a luthier help me put this together though.

and btw does anyone know what the difference between shielded and unshielded L500XL's are. because i cant find any info on that specifically. would there be some incredible difference in tone?
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Either of those pickups will sound loud and muddy at the neck.
Maybe wire the coils of the neck pickup in parallel to give it more clarity, idk.
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im just worried about the volume of the invader being too loud not how muddy it sounds. im fine with the tone. i just want it to not drown out the L500 when i hit the middle switch.
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have you heard its tone in the neck, it WILL be much different...
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so is there just not really that much i can do its just GOING to be louder. i mean im ok with loud.