hi all
my life now just got deathmetal ( dont know why, just cant stand another kind of music- maybe im a crazyman) so what i play music now is only metal but that's all shit.
so please somebody show me how to play metal better (i hate melodic), show me some theory about evil ambience by anyway you can
( i think its in dimminish scale)
thank you so much
is there anybody crazy like me?
i think yes.
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What specific bands are you looking for? Anything that is almost semi-melodic, not bordering on metalcore, but keeps its brutal death metal-ness is probably in harmonic minor (think Cryptopsy). Diminished is popular. You can even use the major scale for like uber-epic runs or whatever, it's a very open genre. Many bands use jazz fills on the bass or something, sounds really cool.

Moving shapes around sounds pretty heavy too. Say your playing some grind and are trying to move a flattened fifth and an octave around. Maybe move it around in a minor chord or something. Then you can take the shape you just did, move it down a half step,
and do it again. Half-steps are very metal of you.

Which bands are you talking about, specifically?
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spawn of possesion, the shattering, beneath the massacre, Visceral Bleeding, NO EMOTION ...
thank you, i'll try my best.