On one of my Ibanez Necks that i recently purchased i noticed these darker wood marks... they are raised ever so slightly that you can feel them to the touch... should i be worried? will these develop into a split? I use light strings and its a korean RG neck ive herd of their weakpoint being at the scarf joint... anyone?

in referance to the picture they are the marks above the scarf joint

its not like cracked cracked.... like if i put pressure on the head stock nothing happens... it doesn't become more visible or anything like i even have it strung up and it doesnt even part or anything
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It may have already been repaired. If it has they didnt do a very good job. It shouldnt really be anything to worry about, and even if it does get any worse (it will eventually) you can fix it very easily.
It's splitting for sure.
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Ya i did another neck a month or so ago and it wasn't nearly as challenging as i thought it would be..
Thanks for the advice!