I've found that this song is hard as hell for me to figure out. I've been able to work on some of their other newer songs like Buster Voodoo and Santo Domingo, but this one is eluding me for some goddamn reason. If anyone has a text tab for this, or feels courageous enough to tab it out, it would be greatly appreciated!
hey sorry I wouldn't be able to tab it out, but in other news, I'm sure many would love to play buster voodoo and santo domingo if you would kindly tab it for us and hopefully someone will tab out Atman in exchange for you
I love this album, but the songs are so hard
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What is this?i was looking for this from a long time please tell me in detail.i will wait for your reply.
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im gonna reinforce the statement that someone should tab out santo domingo cause that riff is irresistible