So ive been playing guitar 2 and a half years or so, and cant find a band in my town to play guitar in that suits me well, so i found a band that wants me to play bass for them. Now my questions are:
Is the transition from guitar to bass pretty simple?
and will guitar pedals work for bass? [ideally, my boss metal zone, as i wont be able to afford an amp with a good distortion channel.]

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is the transition simple? yes and no. it isnt hard to play the bass like a guitar which is what most guitarist turned bassist end up doing. however, actually learning the bass is the same as learning from scratch. your technique will be completely terrible at first and it will take years to understand how the bass actually functions.

guitar pedals for bass = no! they will give you a terrible piercing tone that will sound like crap. you should probably save your cash and buy pedals made for the bas.
Is the transition simple: Depends on how quickly you adapt to the different playing style and neck.
Will guitar pedals work: Yes, but in the case of distortion pedals, they usually sound like crap and will suck the low end out of your tone.
i was in the same situation and it has been real easy for me. the only hard part for me is slapping and popping and playing like real fast metal(core)songs with my fingersi use a pick for those.pedals will sound terrible.
So pedal wise, i should snatch up a basic zoom bass multi fx pedal at like music go round, and use it?

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Its easy to be a bass player its hard to become a bassist.

And pedals for the most part don't cross over well. Echo or reverb I would imagine do okay but things like distortions are gonna fail 99%of the time
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You don't need a distortion channel for a bass to be honest, just learn to EQ.

Do you/will you have a bass amp?
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If you're going to be playing metal you really want to avoid using distortion, especially one voiced for guitar. Expect to completely disappear as soon as you turn it on, unless you also run a clean signal.

Yes if you're going to just be playing roots and such. No if you actually plan on becoming a "bassist", i.e. reading in bass clef and learning technique.
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I'd agree for the most part about not using effects with Bass. It just sounds too fresh naturally. Although one of my band members uses tons of effects and it sounds cool, but that's mostly because he's being balanced out by our other Bassist.