in a daze, i stumble through the doorway and blinding light. to my surprise, it doesn't feel right. i have been chasing this for months, but i guess had been looking in the wrong place all along. oh well.

there are a lot of doors splintering fingers as they open, sometimes without a knock or a bell you need to return to dinner. i've been wandering and wasting and wondering because there is no roof over my head, no fireplace lit. even i am beginning to tire of my complaining. if i cannot find a home with enough headspace i can place each log and plank and piece of brick breaking the same fingers that splintered until eventually a house is formed. hopefully this door will feel right. it doesn't. oh well.
your lyrics may just be shooting over my head, and in that case i am ignorant.
but i fail to see the picture your trying to paint, in other words..
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