I thought this fit best under the category here. Now, I'm not talking about freestyling, writing lyrics, or those sort of things. I mean, whenever I hear myself in a recording, it sounds like I'm barely talking and is really wimpy. I know part of this is because the inner resonance inside makes you sound stronger to yourself, but I'm trying to fix that.

And it's not VOLUME that is the problem, more like 'tone'. And I have spent my whole school career in choir, so if you have any suggestions that require coming from a singers point of view, feel free to give them.

Any ideas?
what are you recording with?

also do you warm up before you record?
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A convincing rapper usually has an aggressive attack, as well as a resonant voice like a singer. If you want to get more pleasing tonal quality in your voice, or just a more powerful voice, say the word "nun" and hold out the last "n." That buzzing sensation in your head is how it should feel when you're speaking, always.

I think more important than that, honestly, is a great sense of rhythm. If singing is a guitar, rapping is drums. Go to YouTube and look up a song called "Chemical Calisthenics" by Blackalicious. The rapper in that group, Gift of Gab, is what I would consider the high water mark for any rapper. Good luck following that act.