Happy new years everyone,
I got some x-mas money this year to go toward some guitar related stuff and was looking for some input.

I have 160$ and was looking to go into used stuff.I found a deal on a line 6 pod 2.0 and a pod floor model.Both are going for 160$.I was wanting one of these to record with/put in front of my shitty amp(spider 3).Will these make a difference with this amp or will it sound exactly the same as the amp?oh yeah can you record directly into a pc with these?

Orrr i could a get a deal on a used Ibanez rg370dx.Same price 160$.I just don't know if i should worry about another guitar right now.I would like the 24 frets and tremolo but should i worry about an amp first?I use a nice Ibanez destroyer with Dimarzio super distortions.

Or should i buy a Tascam 4track for 75$. Even tho my amp sucks could i still get some decent sounding recordings with this?

orrr should i just save up for a new amp?keep in mind this could take me a long ass time....

oh yeah i also have guitar rig 4 but dunno how i could use it's tones.Could i use this money to buy something to record with that?
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i'd prefer to do this locally.Unless it's one of the higher end ones and your willing to pay for shipping
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Ok, if you wanna buy a Line Six Floor Pod. Buy Mine. Great condition, etc.

don't try to advertise. go to the ads forum for that.

TS, just save up for a new amp, prefereably a decent tube amp. The Spider won't give you any potential of what your guitar has. Try saving up for a 6505 combo, or even a B-52. Also, look at Bugera amps.
if u dont want to wait to buy a new amp, u should consider looking into a used tube dist. pedal and run it through the spiders okay clean channel, but like these other people i think it would be more worth your wile to save up for a new amp.