Guys, I am so close to buying a set, tell me what you've experienced with the Hot Slag, and Steam Hammer pickups, are they decent quality? Or is it worth saving another $200 and getting Dimazios?
I have a Steam hammer in the bridge and a Hot Slag in the neck of my Ibanez.

I think they're great, but if I could've afforded DiMarzio at the time I would've gone for them.
IronGear are good pickups if on a budget, or maybe for a project guitar that u just want to test drive and then put some more expensive ones. If You can afford dimarzio or other of the same quality get it. There is noticeable difference. And unless u have really crappy stock pickups, u'll notice difference when putting in the irongear ones but not as much as dimarzios.
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I don't think the price comes into it - they are just really good pickups - I've put a hot slag in my strat bridge, and it's superb.