I recently got an '09 USA tele. It seems kinda noisy compared to my Jackson that has active EMGs. When I plug in the Jackson it's silent, with the volume on the guitar turned up or down. Then I plug in the Tele, I turn up the guitars volume and a rather annoying hum happens, on all 3 pup selections. I turn the teles volume down and it goes silent again, it's really noticeable with high gain. I know actives are quiet but this seems too noisy to be right. All the wiring looks perfect from the factory and I'm testing using the same cable and amp one after the other. Any kind of shielding or something I can do to help this?
if they are single coil pickups, you are stuck with the hum
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if they are single coil pickups, you are stuck with the hum

Yup, but you could change them to actives, although it would change your tone a whole lot.
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Yes, single coil pickups don't have any sort of noise-canceling mechanism, while active pickups have a noise-canceling coil and low magnet pull and self-grounding, so they're very quiet. You've basically got the noisiest and the quietest sets of pickups around.

You can shield the cavity of the tele, which will help a bit, but unless you get noise-canceling pickups you're going to have some noise with single coils at high gain.
Ok, thank you. I might look into shielding the cavity. One of the EMGs in my Jackson is an S, it's very quiet... I guess that's why Gilmore put them in his live rig strat.