This is an odd question, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what dB range the EQ provides on the mesa boogie dual rectifier, for each band (Low Middle High)

for example (Strictly example)

Bass = 15 dB cut/boost
Middle = 20 dB cut/boost
Treble = 17 dB cut/boost.
(Presence, if applicable) = x cut/boost

Those are random numbers i plucked out of the air, and i know they are probably unrealistic and not accurate, i was just showing you what kind of answer im looking for.

I hope I made sense.

Thanks very much
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I think this is something that amp makers can keep as a secret of their amp. They don't always just give out information like this. You probably can look up the types of pots that they have on a technical site and lookup the specs of the pots. but i could be wrong.