A friend and i have been fortunate to stumble across a CAD drawing for telecaster shaped guitars, AND have access to a plan printer, so the next obvious step is a telecaster build.

i've decided to go with a tune-o-matic bridge or roller bridge with a bigsby, however, i don't exactly know what i'm looking at, all the t.o.m style bigsby kits are for archtop/lp style bodies.

can anyone assist me in the correct model or part number?
You want a B5 model. The Bigsby website even has a video of them installing one on a tele, though you will be installing from scratch rather than replacing a bridge.

If you are mounting your pickups directly to the body and don't want to use a bridgeplate, then you could use a tune-o bridge instead of the one that comes with the B5. You might need to recess a tune-o to keep the action low.