I Andrew Ansel. I am new in this Forum.I hope this forums are very intresting.And give some knowledge for my future project.Right now I am currently working with the project that can be based on the games and electronics.
Thanks for sharing this information.
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hello andrew, welcome to UG
please feel free to repost your intro in the First post? Want to introduce yourself and say hi? Come on in! :D thread!

and make sure to check out the new members faq, and of course, the rules.

if you're looking for something interesting, make sure to check out the community page, or the pit!

don't be afraid of what people say about the pit. as long as you use common sense and make sure to follow the rules, that will be one of the funnest places on UG

enjoy your stay man, and once again, welcome!

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remember UG Community? thought so.