So I'm going to need a recording interface (maybe) and I need to know what kinda thing to look at. I'm on a tight budget.

So far I've just looked at the Line 6 POD Farm X1 which is right at the top limit of my budget.

I'll be mic-ing my amp rather than Guitar -> POD -> Software so I need to know if the POD is worth it. Apparently it's suited more towards using the software to replicate amps and I don't need the software and it pushes the price up a lot. I'm just gonna record my amp and transfer it into a DAW.

So is the POD still worth it or are there better ones on a simiar buget/cheaper?

Thanks in advance.
Have a look at some M-Audio ones...maybe the Fast Track? Also look at brands like Presonus, Hughes and Kettner (their Red Box is pretty good from what I've heard)

I'm very interested in this topic too, since I'm in a similar situation to yours.
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The FastTrack looks good but the H&K Red Box is an cab simulator and I'd rather mic up my cab.

Guitar -> Amp -> Speaker (Cab) -> Mic -> Interface -> PC

The red box takes away the cab to emulate one (usually for live performances, rather than recording)

Guitar -> Amp -> Speaker Simulation -> PC
                  |--> Speaker (Cab)

The Presonus Audiobox looks cool as well (albeit slightly over budget). All of their other products are Firewire.

Forgot to mention I can only use USB, not Firewire.

I'm looking at the FastTrack, POD Farm, and maybe the Audiobox then, how do I decide?
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