At the moment the only guitar i have is a maton ms2000, and its great. It does blues really well and rock like from led zeppelin to queens of the stone age, although I'd like a guitar that is one step above that, say motorhead/metallica.

I'm not into anything heavier than metallica so EMG pups aren't required. Also, don't tell me to get a new amp or a pedal that can help reach these tones as that's not what i'm after at the moment.

I'm not sure what else to say, i'm quite open with guitars, i don't mind what kind of neck is on it, or how much it weighs. I'm more of a "if i like it i like it, if i don't i don't" kind of guy if you get me :p

My budget is around $1500 AUD give or take. I've been looking at the jackson DK2T although i haven't been to a guitar store for a couple weeks so i haven't tried it out yet, what are some other models by other company's similar to this guitar, or that will be able to do what i'm after.

P.S no floyd roses ty
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I love that Maton! Probably because of Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes.

Maybe something like a used Flying V or Explorer or something like that? Or how about an Eastwood GP copy? I tried one of them out and I thought the pickups would be suitable for metal/anything heavy. Probably not quite as good as an Ovation, but you know.

You might wanna get an overdrive or something for the Tiny Terror though.
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you gotta ask yourself what you want more... the tone or a new guitar. a new amp will get you much closer to the tone you want than a new guitar would. a guitar will get you a little bit closer but pedals or an amp can get you very close.
Yeah, i agree with adambauman31 on this one, but if you're considering a new guitar try looking at an Ibanez, they look great, sound great, play great, and don't all come with Floyd Rose bridges. I own an Ibanez RG 320DX and it's a solid guitar. I'd reccommend Ibanez to any player from beginner to expert playing capability.
You can get the exact custom model guitars that Phil Campbell plays (actually the Les Paul and the new Strat) from T C Ellis guitars in Wales. If I remember right the LP is about £600 and the Strat about £850
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Can people stop suggesting rubbish? Do not tell this guy to buy a new amp, hes using an orange tiny terror which are great little amps, and he has already said he doesn't want a floyd so suggesting an ibanez with a floyd is pointless -_-

I dont know what to suggest you really, other than a fixed bridge mahogany bodied guiter with some high output pickups, and those are two for a penny, i will however suggest that you ignore all posters in this thread apart from RCHP freak and Lurcher, they speak sense.
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