I noticed on the main page of UG this strange looking guitar being held by some musician. I click on it and get taken to the home page of a new brand of guitar.


Guitars made from a material Arium, that apparently sound better and sustain longer than wooden guitars. What are your thoughts pit?
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Is arium a material? Google doesn't seem to know about it.

New material.

I reckon the aforementioned guitars are made of aluminium, arium doesn't exist.


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So fifteen years ago a group of young engineers of the Delft University of Technology set out to develop a composite material focusing on acoustics in general and resonance in particular.

Its says that, how does it actually sound?

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Its says that, how does it actually sound?

You're expecting a company who is trying to promote a guitar to actually tell you how it REALLY sounds? That just doesn't happen.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.