looking for a female singer, preferably able to write lyrics, ect. if drummer, awesome!

i myself am from western australia, so keep in mind the timezone differances, however i know people from around the world, should be fine.

styles rangeing from metal(black/death/thrash, i guess) to rock, to punk, and clean type stuff, too. open to influences.

ive been playing guitar/bass for 4+ years, amd ive been trying to get more into recording in the last 1 or so.
because this would be online, recording gear is essential. doesnt have to be expensive stuff, if it gets the job done, sounds good, thats good.
also if you have skype, that would be great for discussing musical interest/songs/ideas, ect.

im 16, turning 17. so i'd preffer someone around that age.

thanks for reading.
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well. yes, ofcourse.

just kidding, im just saying that if they want to play anyone of them, thats good.

also, PM me for contact details, ect.
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You deserved this, Matt.
Well, I'm older than that...but if you wanna check out my songs and covers in my profile. I'm up for doing some vocals for an online thing.

Edit ** I dont have Skype, but I'm sure that I can get it.
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