I'm looking for a guitar around £500 which would suit me best.

I usually play ACDC, Alter Bridge, Arctic Monkeys, BFMV, Guns N Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine and Thin Lizzy

I am currently playing through a Vox VT100 amp.

I tried the Jackson DK2M and thought it was a brilliant guitar, I also tried an Epi Les Paul Custom and liked that to.

Still un-decided about what guitar to get when I get the cash tho
I'd say the Jackson or maybe an Ibanez due to the fact you may need the whammy bar for Metallica Or BFMV, otherwise I'd look at a Les Paul, you could always look for a second hand Gibson Studio or something likke that for around 500 pounds. However if you go for an epiphone try and get a Korean made one as they are far superior to the chinese ones. Or you could always go for a signature Epiphone.
Would Zakk Wylde Les Pauls be any good to me? What Ibanez do you suggest?
The Zack Wylde Les Pauls are great the only problem is they don't have a trem. I'd recommend the Ibanez RG350 series, i personally like the RG350mdx but i really like maple fretboards.
I have tried the RG's before and they are nothing compared to the Jackson or the Les Paul

But what about an SG?
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I reckon you'd get a second hand Gibson SG off of ebay for 500 if not less. You could always add a tremolo to them as well as some point, that's if you don't find one with one on. However if you choose to go for an Epi SG make sure you get a Korean one rather than a chinese one as they are far better made. You may actually be able to get a Jap one which are exceptional. If you get an epiphone one the rule is generally the older the better. I'd personally look for a Gibson though with 500.
Cheeers for that, I'll have a look around and see what I can find