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I've got a new band going and we're going for something different we havn't really tried before. Were using synth quite heavily in our songs but we're finding it hard to keep in time with the Fruity Loops file we've wrote. When we try play our song with out the Fruity Loops track we can play it all in time quite well, but when we add the synth in we can't keep in time. Has anyone got any ideas of how we can solve this like techniques etc.


www.myspace.com/thiscityshero (There's our Myspace our songs on there)
Get the drummer a metronom click for the song..

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I think I know what you mean. It actually doesn't have to do with practice. Everyone in the band is waiting for the synth to change notes or chords or whatever you're using it for, but you have no way of knowing when it will.

try programming some sort of metronome click with the fruity loops track so you can better keep track of the time. Something subtle that the band will pick up on, but won't be too noticeable
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