Hello dear Ug:ers

Ive been trying to write a acoustic song, with just one guitar, i got inspired by Andy Mckee.

Please crit and give me some advices

9 Lives.gp5
It's really nice. The only thing I don't like is that it's a bit long and therefore is a bit repetitive. Maybe you should just shorten some parts.


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okey thanks for the tips man, i will try to shorten it down and ofc i will check your profile.
wow it was really good! Although it is repetitive as the person before me stated, i found it was still quite entertaining. However i do think the end (last 3 bars or so) was slightly out of place imo. All in all good job! 4.5/5
Wow that's some pretty technical acoustic stuff there (I'm more of an electric player).

I really liked it. It was mellow and pretty major sounding, until the minor part at the end.

However, it did get a tiny bit repetitive after a while but that was about it. It was a really nice piece.

Also, it sounds really nice on electro-acoustic guitars