Hello UG!, This is my first time posting in the forums...


Ok, so i've been playing for about 2 years now. The thing is that i don't think i'm nearly as good as i should be. I can play power and barrre chords well. The thing with power chords is that when I palm-mute, it's difficult to alternate pick. Any tips for that?

My forte is songwriting. I can write lyrics and melodies all day, it's just my technique that sucks. I currently play trombone in a ska band and I've been playing that for about 7 and a half years so i know plenty of theory and music reading (i was in band in high school. Joke all you want but that shit helped me in unexplainable ways. Especially jazz band).

My musical taste is quite varied. Some of my favorite bands include: Bayside, Silverstein, blink-182, Streetlight Manifesto, Before Their Eyes, Stone Temple Pilots, Goldfinger, 311. Just to name a few. So mostly pop-punk/alt., ska, post-hardcore.

So all I'm wondering is where to go next with my guitar playing, learning-wise? Cuz i'm sooo tired of playin the same old shit lol. What should i learn next? Hope you guys can help

Thanks =]
Listen to some alternative music, by alternative I mean genres that you haven't listened to, find what you like/ dislike and go from there.

We can't really say what genre of music you should listen to, since it will all be done to personal taste.

I've been playing a lot of Celtic/ folk metal lately and I've really gotten into it, so it's not only been fun to play but it's helped my rythm and speed, choosing a new genre of music will help you improve in different ways, so yea, just go out and find bands/ songs/ guitar parts that you like and try playing them.

Also just going over technique help as well, I.e. Running scales etc.
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what really helped me with my technique: IRON MAIDEN, don´t get me wrong... I also like Ska and Rock steady.... Skoidats, Voodoo glow skulls, The Specials... but you can learn a lot from The Irons... you could also try the 21 day technique
I have a question, does anyone have good ideas for being able to play solos etc, I cant read music, but i can read tabs, but at the same time i know what notes im playing by name, just cant read a staff.... anyone know of good videos for various scales and other solo building stuff?
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Quote by sk8r0915

So all I'm wondering is where to go next with my guitar playing, learning-wise? Cuz i'm sooo tired of playin the same old shit lol. What should i learn next? Hope you guys can help.

Time to get out of the basement and get a band. Then you'll have to play four other people's same old shit, which probably won't be the same old shit you already know.

Seriously, at some point every musician has to own up to their musical ambitions. What do you WANT to do with the guitar? Play rock gigs? Be an acoustic solo act at open mic nights? Play acoustic jazz at upscale resturants? Play "1234" exercises to nobody in your basement? Answer that question, and then take steps that move you towards what you want to do.
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Thanks guys i really appreciate the help.

To answer your question Even Bigger D, I write a lot of material with my friends (former band that failed lol). I want to eventually start a band again. The band I'm in right i play trombone (which i love btw). I guess i just wanna experience playing guitar at open mic nights. Like to expand my musical abilities, you know? I want to learn better technique to incorporate into my songwriting.

Metalzone85, i will download some Maiden and try them out =]

I might learn sweep picking next. It looks fun!
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