So i have got my self a Krank Rev Jr. but i need a cab to go with it, i cant afford the Krank Cab becuase thats crazy money.

so i play Mostly metal think Black dhaila murder..etc..

So im thinking should i get a good 112 like

or a ok 212 like

what do u think?
its not volume im going for its sound quality.

thank james,

Edit: also i was thinking of getting one good 112, then saveing more and getting another one, so i would eventulay have a 212
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I'd go for the harley benton or framus cab if it were me. For metal...you're going to want a closed back cab...and the V30s in both of those cabs are great for metal.

and a 212 isn't going to be louder really...sure maybe a decibel...but you're not going to notice. What you will notice will be increased bass response, 'fuller' overall sound, and a bigger bottom end. This maybe perceived as a volume increase.
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Definately the framus 212... great cab

the harley benton 212 is good, but you shouldn't expect a over the top sound of it.

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