Three new recordings (transformers,turtles theme,power rangers) Bare knuckle Nailbomb

Hey guys its been a while since ive been on here

But i did these recordings with my christmas pressies which were

ibanez rga42fm
Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Set

just 3 simple covers

the 80s transformers theme thats been metalled up a bit
the 80s teenage mutant here turtles theme
and a very quick power rangers cover excuse my terrible tapping.

Oh yeah i used my toneport GX on this
bass was done using trilogy
drums were done with bfd 2
and all the orchestral sounds were done using east west quantum leap

also the leads on the transformers track were done with this as i suck at lead.

Cheers for listening

looks like we've got pretty much the same idea. I did a cover of the fresh prince of bel-air.

Your power rangers theme was awesome. Tapping got kinda bad in some spots. but it was really good all together.

The power rangers theme is the only one i know so i cant really crit the others on correctness. but they sound good.