I've been really trying to improve my songwriting lately, and one thing I came across when looking at other songs is, in alot of my favorite songs, there are only two or three chords. Whenever I write songs, it seems like I have this mental block and I feel like I need to make it too complex

If I just play two chords back and forth I have a hard time thinking of it as a song or writing lyrics to it. I don't know.... I've just been having writer's block for a long time. How do you guys go about writing simple catchy songs?
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I tend to loop a nice chord progression and hum over it until I think of a catchy melody. it's mostly a matter of instinct sometimes, and being able to capture the right moments.

try recording what you have so far and messing around. sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to begin.
Typically (I think) those 2 and 3 chord songs are written lyrics first.
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