About 3 months ago I purchased an Ibanez Prestige RG 1527. I absolutely love the guitar except for the pickups. They are not bad in any way it's just that they are dull and boring and not transparent at all, they always sound the same no matter what amp I play.

I've been looking around for some good replacements, especially for bridge pickups since that one needs to be changed first.

I don't want to get any question about what amp or such I am using. At home it's just a Roland Cube 30x but when I rehearse with the band and gig there are always really nice tube amplifiers where we play.

I want a bridge pickup that has power, punch and attack but still remains clear and transparent. I want the attack to be spot on. It needs to be good on both soloing, chords and rhythm playing. I want a warm tone that tends to be crunchy instead of a metal type of tone. I want a warm, crunchy, fat type of tone that has power, punch and attack but yet is clear when (for example) playing chords with gain, an organic and natural tone as well.

I play in a modern-alternative-rock/metal band but I'm not a fan of the modern metal tone.

I believe that there can be to much gain and I don't want that. I don't like active pickups since to me they lack dynamics and the organic tone of passive pickups, at least that's what I think.

Please help me with this and give me some good suggestions.

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