hello everyone. this is the latest song i have finished, its posted on the profile so you can check it out there. it is pretty light on vocals, its basically an instrumental track

i am interested in getting some feedback about the mix in particular but of course any comment is appreciated

of course i will also crit for crit, just leave me a link so i can get back to you !
Hmmm.....I can't really tell you much on how to improve because in my opinion it was excellent, the only thing is the screaming vocals really dont suit the song, but thats just my opinion, it's probably because i'm not into songs with screaming in it. Apart from that I really liked the solo, it suits the song nicely. But my fav bit has to be at the start when the electric comes in, but you should've had the drums coming in there as well at that point, but again thats just my opinion.

Could you check out mine? It's nothing compared to yours but it's my first and I've only been playing like 8-9 months, thanks.
Hey man, thanks for your crit.

I liked the intro, but I would suggest maybe adding some more synthy or ambient sounds to make it sound slightly less repetitive. It's good how it is but it might make it better. Try it out The part where the distorted guitar kicks in is very nice, it reminds me a bit of In Flames' "Whoracle" if you've ever heard it. The vocals I find fit perfectly. I liked them a lot, good job there.

The evolution of the song is really great, it's a sort of mix between post metal and doom. Sounds a bit like Callisto if you've ever heard of them. Very nice. It creates a great atmosphere. Good job on this, this is a seriously impressive song.

And to answer your question, for the drums on my song I used Acoustica Beatcraft with my own samples library which I have been slowly acquiring over time.

Edit: Oops, I see you wanted feedback about the mix.

I'm listening through headphones so my comments might not be 100% accurate but the mix seem fine to me, nothing stood out as being particularly off. Maybe bring down the sound of the crashes a tiny tiny bit, or soften them up a bit. That's all really
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Great intro. The riffs that follow are awesome, very gloomy and dark. I expected the drums to sound kind of bad for this kind of genre, well actually it's not bad at all it's just too buried in the mix. Reminds of Fen, some atmospheric black metal, and Neurosis. The vox ain't half bad, but it's very sparse, I'd like to hear more of it. The little bluesy solo is kind out of place in my opinion, but the leads that come after it it pretty nice. This isn't neccessary, but it would be nice hear some dynamic also. Good shit. Thanks for the crit!!!!
hey there..

The song starts very nicely and the part ur distorted guitar came in fit nicely...

But the song is a bit too repetitive and this is rarely good for this genre of music... Cos it can be boring after a while.. but when the solo comes in... I think its pretty good although I would love to hear it more rather than it being simple like that..

overall Its a good mix and a good song... could be great....

Crit mine?
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nice man. its good. recording is great. the only thing is its way too long. other then that this is ace!. very cetchy. good guitar playing. i like when the distortion comes in. i say make it long live, but for the recording, short and sweet you know. just my opinyon. good stuff man.

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the intro acoustic guitar is great. great sound and really sets the feel. sounds kinda like trains by porcupine tree. I think the super fuzzed guitar initally could instead just be a fuzzed out guitar line on top of the rythm...more on the higher strings? I was also waiting for a wicked solo to bust out around 2:30...it would be especially epic considering the awesome acoustic that comes in after.
*@3:45 - oh there it is haha. it woulda been cool if u progressed to a faster paced shred...maybe with some sweep arpeggios. but still good anyways.
all in all solid track. you should consider putting vocals on more of the music...maybe not screaming but some type of vocals

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Thanks for the crit.

The intro was great, I liked the mood of it, but the distortion that came a while after kinda ruined it for me. Just turn the gain down a little I think and like slowly build up to the heavy parts. Anyways, the vocals really didn't fit at all imo. I've always hated screaming and growling, but in this song it just doesn't fit imo. The solos were really nice, they're weren't over the top shredfests like a lot of people try to do, and it fit perfectly. Overall a pretty good song, just a few things that need to be fixed.