So this song, I actually wrote while I was bored in French class on Halloween (I've actually written most of my lyrics in that class). Its called "Hollow Wheen." I used Halloween to portray the real-life images of many people in modern society. Tell me what you think.

By the way: A wheen is a small group, and a proll is a follower of modern trends.

Hide your face, show no taste,
Cover aspects of disgrace.
Reverse your role, Dig a hole,
Prove to be another proll.

What does it mean to shun the rest?
'Cause temptation did not molest
Their inner soul and outer appear-
Hence your just part of a
~~~Hollow Wheen~~~~~~~

A Hallow Queen, on Halloween
Joined a hollow wheen to deceive
The people who claimed to be "we"
To elect another Hollow Dean
A dean who lost his soul in war
Where he was praised for all the gore,
He showed women, children, and more,
The dean is part of another
~~~Hollow Wheen~~~~

Know......one life taken.
See.........the dreaded iron maiden
Feel.........Your mind breaking
Demons tear apart your soul.

Earth........is shaking
Moons.......are separating
Stars.........are finally fading
Demons from below collide.

*Guitar Solo kicks in*

As for the musical style,I'm thinking it'll be a heavy, but slow song. Think Metallica's "Load" album. Ive got more lyrics/songs almost done, ranging from blues to alternative to metal to acoustic to soft rock. I'll try to post some more stuff soon. Thanks for any feedback!
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