I dont have a drum machine....i have a multifx pedal with some drum loops but they are boring me and are stale. Metronome is too boring as well so I am here in search of drum tracks I may be able to download and use to jam with. Anyone know where I could find some drum tracks to use???

www.freesound.org has a lot of samples and loops for free. I'm not sure if they will have exactly what you're looking for, but its where I always go for my sound effects (rain, heartbeat, etc)
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Not really what I am looking for.

I am looking for 3-5 minute drum tracks that got change ups and all that stuff.
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Not really what I am looking for.

I am looking for 3-5 minute drum tracks that got change ups and all that stuff.

For free? I don't know of any. There are drum sample libraries out there. Many times to get what you want would cost some money though if it's of any real quality or benefit.
Damn that sucks, I was hoping there would be some good news...guitarbackingtracksdotcom is cool but it really limits what you can play over a drum track that way

thanks all
What exactly are you looking for? I might be able to make you one or some.
I am just looking for drum tracks preferably in mp3 format. That are about average track length 3-5 minutes. Are around 80 bpm or more and have breakdowns and parts where the beat changes for a chorus or bridge.

Just basically when you put in a cd, you hear all the instruments well i just want the drum track instrumental to jam to, that way i dont have to stick to a certain key.

I've tried playing over metallica drum tracks and stuff of that nature by other bands and the songs already just feel too much like the tune I have heard 1000 times that I don't like to jam to them. I just want generic drum tracks.
I usually write my own drumtracks with guitar pro RSE, sounds good to me and I can write whatever I want. I could make you some if you don't have problems with the sound, since VST plugins have a much better sound.
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Can you export them as wav files with guitarpro to put them on a cd? cause i want to put them on a cd to take into the jam room and put in the stereo

that would be cool though, ive made a few on there but never thought to try to export them and what not.
yeah sure, that possible. you can go listen to the songs on my profile, it's the guitar pro drum sound.
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