Hi all, I am using Cubase LE4 to record stuff and I am currently using drum tracks imported as MIDI from Guitar Pro. However, they don't sound as good as what mite be available, so I am wondering if there is some kind of drum track enhancer or something, so that I can use the existing MIDI drum track and make it sound better, without having to create an entirely new drum track on a program. Any help appreciated, thanks.
Guitar Pro doesn't have an export MP3 function...

When I click export WAV and hit play, it plays through the song but lags and jumps a lot. If there is a way for me to fix this then I can use it.

Also I just tried importing the WAV file into Cubase and it came up with silence. So basically it didn't record.

When I click on Guitar Pro "Export as WAV" it gives me a popup that lets me choose which "Record Driver" to use, and the options are Primary Sound Capture Driver, Audiobox USB, Realtek AC97 Audio and my Webcam. Which should I be using?
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