I got this Lexicon Lambda audio interface and I'm using Cubase LE4 but I'm having trouble getting a real good clean/professional distortion sound, and having trouble getting a nice warm clean sound(I'm kinda looking for a sound like the jazz guitar in Guitar Pro).

I know there's a sticky with help on this but I need a bit more direct help. I see a lot of people talking about using amps and mics, so I'm wondering is it possible to get a good sound from plugging my guitar straight into an interface and then using a bunch of plug-ins? Or do people only get their high quality sound by using a mic and amp?
It all depends on personal preference. There are people who swear by Amp Sims and others who swear by Mic'd Amps. My best advice is to give both a shot and see what you think

Read the sticky if you want to get a good Amp Sim sound.
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