I have been watching videos of some guitarists namely Matthew Bellamy and I see him play single notes as if he is playing chords. By that I mean he will bring his arm like a foot away from the guitar and then swing down and hit a single note. Is he just really accurate or does he some how deaden the strings with his fretting hand. I habitually rest my hand on the bridge while i play, is that bad?
When I read the title, I instantly thought this would be something like "whammying without a whammy bar."

I usually try to mute the rest of the strings with my left hand when playing single notes in order to eliminate extra noise and allow myself to play like that.
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He is using his fretting hand to mute out the other strings, it's not too tricky once you get used to the concept, I often use my thumb to cancel out the low e string, also I kind of bar my pointer finger across the rest but use any of my other three fingers when I strike all the strings but only want one to ring

it looks kinda cool
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Using your left hand to mute the strings is a nice technique. Sometimes I'll even do it when playing a staccato bit. I often find it easier than using my right hand. I dunno if that's proper, but meh.... I'm learning...
Yeah, it's the same basic left hand technique as percussive/muted strumming.

Incidentally, I can't say I've listened to a lot of Muse, but he may be strumming all the strings when playing single notes - just muting those he's not fretting. SRV did this a lot, I believe, and it can be used to give single notes a little more "oomph" to them. I do it all the time. Like this: