Hey all, I'm looking for some help here.

I know what I want, but I'm not sure where to get it..

I have a '91 Jackson Performer, which is a beautiful guitar to play. It's a dinky body shape, flame maple top in transparent red; but I digress. I'd like a guitar for playing 80's metal. Think Pantera, Skid Row, Poison, etc.

I want something akin to my Jackson, I love the thin, fast neck; I love the FR (although I'm not ruling out other bridges); I love the feel of the guitar.

I've played several Ibanez, and yes they sound good, and feel good quality, but to me they just feel too sterile, like they lack personality in my opinion.

I've also played several Jacksons, and in my price range, there's just nothing new that catches my eye. The dinky is good, but is practically the same as my Performer (although post-Fender takeover).

So, to summise, I'm looking for something metal, something 80's, thin neck, hair metal, striking or different finish, and something that doesn't feel as mass produced as paperclips. Oh, and my budget is £600

Cheers guys.

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Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
If you know me at all, you know exactly what I'm going to say but...
The N24 vintage would be good (Or any N2 for that matter really. The N24 has the Stephen's Extended Cutaway though, which is fantastic). Since it's a Nuno model, it's made specifically for 80's metal, like Extreme.
The WM 24V would be a good choice for the heavier metal. Though it has a low price, it's quite high value for the price.
Then either the X50V Pro or the X50 ProFE. The V Pro has a Floyd, and the ProFE has EMG's.

Other brands are the classic 80's brands, Charvel, Kramer, maybe some Schecter.

Good luck!