So I'm filling in as guitarist for a local ska band (think in the vein of Streetlight Manifesto) that's really high profile in the area.
While I'm good, I still can't get down how to play some parts. Ska isn't really my style (I play progressive metal mostly). But they're my good friends and their guitarist will be unable to make it to a few upcoming gigs.
It's the whole rhythm of it, I can't play it that fast, and I can't figure it on my own.
For example:
This part on the tab:

And about :40 here
Can anyone offer advice/tips/help of any sort?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: to clarify, the part in tab is the part in the song at :40
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The feel for that part is quite percussive. For this type of music it's always handy to start off with a suitable tone that really cuts through, so you can hear every chord clearly. Go for a twangy (single coil bridge pickup?) sound when you're practicing, even if that's not the tone you wanna go for when gigging. Loosen up your wrist (most hard rock/metal guitarists are used to keeping their wrist in that "locked" bridge position because it's easier to switch to palm muting that way)

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I see Common Chords in there, its E Power Chord to start then open strings, then its a C chord formation, D Chord Formation a G and repeats till the giant barred typed chord at the last 2 measures. I would advice forming this so you can hit the notes faster and easier and the last 2 measures barre it. Pointer finger on the 2s and all the others getting the 4s.

If this isnt an issue and its the counting I would say play it through Guitar Pro or Tux guitar and listen to it once or twice and play along.
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Yes i've noticed the chord shapes and i have no problem switching between them, it's just the rhythm i can't get. I've done it through guitar pro and the way it'
s written (with no mutes) woukd make it sound way too sloppy. Thanka though swilly for the suggestion, i'll try that out