It's a mahagony Gibson SG. It was hand-made from a guy in Tennessee. I bought it from him on Ebay. It is mahagony and has the pickup cavities drilled. It is NOT drilled for wiring. Also, it has not been drilled for the electronics, the neck, knobs, etc. On one of the cavities, the woodwork has a chip on it, but when you put the plastic cover on, you will not be able to see it. The guy handmade it, so therefore it is not technically a Gibson and is in no way affiliated with them. Also, the body lines will need some fine-sanding. It is a nice body. I may NOT sell it, but I was just wondering if anyone was interested and how much you would pay for it. I would only ship to the continental 48 states, and you would also be charged for shipping. Thanks.
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