They released Static Tensions earlier last year. Probably a mix of the sludgy parts of Consious / Unconsious by Mind Eraser and Baroness. I think they deserve a BOTM, because they were one of my BOTY's last year.

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usually botm includes a link. but good choice i guess
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Haha completely forgot. Static Tensions is up there with The Sleeping Eye on my best albums of the year list.
Good choice. Kylesa rules. I really like the dual drummer thing on Static Tensions,
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hey it's Kylesa.

good band, although their older stuff is not near Static Tensions. definitely deserving of BotM though.
I love Kylesa, but I see them as a sludge metal band with hardcore influences. Very metal overall.
not bad. kind of reminds me of high on fire, except i don't hate kylesa
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