I don't have much experience at all with mixing or mastering or anything so there's many flaws with this.

This is UG so I expect some harsh comments, but oh well.

The double bass drum part throughout the song is a bit muddy.
The bass is sort of ****ed. Couldn't find anything I liked really.

Nonetheless, the song is called "Untitled" on my profile.
Was just something I pretty much made the basis of in like 15 minutes. I was sort of just trying to find something that would go good as a fight scene in a video I'm going to be doing soon.
I do plan on adding vocals to it eventually and possibly a guitar solo if it rolls with the song well.

Tell me what ya think, I'll comment back on anything of yours.

oh also, if you listen to it and get bored. Skip through to the ending and tell me what you think of the outro. Like the way the pitch bends down and stuff.
It took me a while to get it to sound okay and get the ending to not cut off and sound smooth.. and stuff.
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If you dont have a name fer it, why not call it Bad Ass???

This. This is really good.
This is actually really good, the tone is quite amazing, are you getting that just using your Classic 50 stock distortion channel?

The song is very well structured, and I think Badass would be a great name for the song. It does need some vocals, and the drums need to come up in the mix. But other than that I'm impressed with your mix. Very nice.
the intro riff and the harmonized riff around 2:11 we're pretty cool. overall i liked the song. maybe a bit too radio friendly for what i'm usually into, but still decent.

check mine out in my profile if youd like
Nice and simple the main riff was pretty cool and the harmonies all worked well. Guitar tone is amazing btw. The production quality was great as well. My only criticism is that I didn't like the drums.

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Sounds really good although i agree with putting more into the drums, more kicks, more fills and a more technical beat would give it a lot more impact. is the offspring one of your main influences? i noticed a couple of your riffs sound a bit like theirs. would love some feedback on our song, we will be posting more soon.

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NEEDS MORE KICK! loved the song, was organized good , had great guitar tone, and was very melodic. as everyone else said tho the drums (especially the bass drum) definitely can complete you sound. vocals would be nice too. How do i get your tone?
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Wasn't expecting this many responses so I responded to everyonee.

(Sorry for not using quote tags. Decided this would be alot easier)

@Pond Scum:
Thanks xD!

yeahh, my mix on the bass and drums rather suck. I might go back and work on it later.
Thanks much, I'll check your song out.

Thanks =]

Thankies to you also =]

thanks! But actually I don't even use my Classic 50 much anymore. I find it to not quite fit my style. Normally when I'd play on it I'd pump it up a few notches using an overdrive pedal and that would sort of do the trick but I'm looking into getting a new amp within this year.
I actually recorded completely digital. My guitar straight into my sound system and I used VST amp plugins.

thanks, yeahh I'll probably work on it again. Just a rough demo for now.
I'll check yours out.

thanks, yeahh. It is rather radio friendly. I left it sort of simple since it was going to be a song used on one of my videos so I didn't plan on going all out
I'll check yours out forsure.

Thanks alot man. Yeahh, the drums aren't too great. Especially since I stink when it comes to fills.
I'll check yours out. =]

Mhmm, and as for the Offspring. Not really, but there is a relation to them in the "lala craze" song. It's the song to a video which was a sequel video to a video that used a cover off an Offspring song so that one was made just like it.

thanks alot =]
I actually do plan on adding vocals. I have some ideas so eventually those will show up. Might see if I can put a guitar solo in before the last chorus, (not over what's already made - I mean extending the song). See if it'll fit anyway. Otherwise it'll just stay close to how it is.
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Nodding my head to this one! Love the opening riff! You should try to evolve it, break it down somehow and bring it back in an altered form later rather than just doing the same thing. Although it is cool Ik exactly how it feels though when I come up with a cool riff I just want to throw it everywhere!
Just heard the pitch bend in the end and I loved it. Actually you know what I think would sound badass? Start the song with the main riff panned, do that pitch bend, then bring the drums in to kick some serious ass. I'd seriously start headbanging hahaha.
Anyways I really enjoyed this.
I won't rant on the bass or drums since everyone else has so I'm sure you've got that covered by now :P
Awesome job!

crit mine?
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Thanks =]

I actually did have a few variations that I tried using in some places but I couldn't seem to get them quite right. Might do so later. Thanks for the idea. I'll for sure mess around with some of these ideas when I try to turn this into a full song.
Intro was very nice! Song seems really well construced to, love it at 1:45 when you bring it down a notch. This song really has been made well, all it needs now is some vocals as its repetitive, but you would expect that from a song. As you said outro was very good as well. Nicely done all round really. Very structured with some very nice riffs.
As its instrumental though a guitar solo in the middle wouldnt have gone a miss but great work.

By the way we have a new song out atm *(rough demo) could you come crit it for us please?


Thanks in advance,
hey man i liked this. i like the stop and go rythem at 10 seconds there. good stuff. i like the layers man, it all goes together good. sweet riffs! i think this needs vocals though. it gets kind of boring otherwise, but its well done. mixing dident sounds too bad. this is a good start.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1260587
thanks =)

thanks alot to you also. =]

Anyone elses opinions are appreciated much as well. =)
Hey that sounds good, a bit basic, but the riffs are good quality. Definitely could turn out pretty awesome with a bit of work to the drums and bass higher in the mix!

If you want to here some good prog metal then check out my band's song here:

Zenith Myspace

Cheers dude, keep up the good work!
Dude when I first heard I thought that damn this should be on a fight scene

The riffing is good, although if it wasn't meant to be a backtrack of a video I would put mooore variation to it, like making a new riff with some kind of harmonized lead that would be played right after chorus.

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Thanks Zenithuk =)!

And Henkka,
I just might do that. The whole turning it into something more than a backtrack of a video. Might be able to get more going on and turn it into a real song.

Thanks =]

Checked out both of you guy's stuff and commented back.
noope. someone else asked me that. I used to not mind the classic 50 after tweaking it alot. I sort of would have to push it over the limit to get a sound to suit my playing and usually the ts-808 is what bumped it over to that.. but I don't like micing up amps up to record really. It's hard to get it to sound just right so I just go digital. My sound comes from some guitar vst amp plugins.
just to let you know i'm not a fan at all of metal,
the intro didn't really appeal to me,
i really liked the feel of the chorus at 45s
could use some vocals to really bring it out
the drums are quite repetitive, i guess your using midi
i also like the downslide at the end

it's probably my favorite metal song i've heard on this site =)

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its pretty rad. i like the main riff a lot. Also, i enjoyed the pitch bend at the end. All around, it was a cool song and i'd love to hear it with vocals and everything when it is done.
Thanks, yeah the drums are total temporary as with alot of stuff on it. I'd eventually like to make different parts rather than the same basic beat going throughout the song.

Whenever I go back to working on this and fix the song up + add vocals then I'll probably upload the new.
The riffs are great, I found myself headbanging at times even, but yeah it definetly needs some vocals thrown into the mix