Sodden yet euphoric
i slipped inside.
Mild noxious fumes
poured from a selection of
lit beakers, some cyllindrical
in form, others spherical.
Cautiously i stumbled closer,
inquistive of the brightest
two chalice like containers;
now equidistant from my position.
For a moment i fancied my Sophie, frown on face.
Yet, amid the numerous vials
i found myself impenitent
of my vulgar habits.
Thus i quaffed first the golden liquids,
which shimmered the most,
then still unsatisfied proceeded
to down every liquid in sight,
to the delight of few
and the dismay of many.

Then the flashing lights came.

This is great, it really paints a picture, or at least it did for me. Very abstract, I love it.
I enjoy Music