So today, after weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got my order from Musician's Friend (and my Keeley MT-2, but that's for another thread).

Some of the things I ordered included some Dunlop straplocks and a couple bags of picks. Instead of the picks, though, they accidentally gave me 2 sets of Schaller straplocks.

So now I've got a Dunlop and 2 Schallers. Which do you guys think is better?
Schaller, easily.

Dunlops have the entire guitar weight resting on two tiny ball bearings, whereas with Schallers, even if the lock fails, the cradle will keep the guitar from actually falling.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
I have never tried the Dunlop ones, but I do currently have a set of Schallers on my guitar.

So far (about 3 years now) they've served me well, easy to install, fast release of the strap and I've yet to have a single issue. - It even fit my thick Levy's strap.

EDIT: As bubb_tubbs said, it has a cradle like feature to it, so even if it fails (which I doubt), it'd just be held in the cradle, rather than the guitar falling to the floor.
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