that I should learn these in?

There are two things I feel I really need to learn as far as music (well, a lot more than that, but two things that I feel I should have learned already really).

The first is to read sheet music in the bass cleft. I play bass for my church (I'm athiest actually, but I enjoy playing, and just don't bring it up....), and can't actually read the sheet music. Because of this, I just have to follow the chord names, and add my own rhythm. I have a basic understanding of how sheet music works; I know what eight notes, and half notes, and dotted-sixteenths are, et cetera. I also can find each pitch if I need to, because I know where select notes are. Before anybody asks, I do know each note on my fretboard, I just don't know how to read it on the staff. Also, I don't know how you can get used to having to just remember the key for each song....

The second thing is that I want to learn how to tab by ear; I've actually decided that drums will be my primary instrument, but I still write everything (lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums, vocals), and I think writing would be much easier if I actually had a way to translate something onto the fretboard, and to do that, I'd have to be able to identify notes. Also, it would make it easier to explain the vocal melodies to bandmates if I actually know what the melody for it is....

What I'm asking is, which would be easier to learn first (I'm hoping learning one will help the other....), and does anybody here have any advice on how to learn them (like a lesson or exercises)?
If you know the notes on the fret, learning to read bass clef would be easiest. Do it first.
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learn to read music first